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Aviator Casino Review

The Aviator casino game is a high risk-reward game which has taken the world by storm. The game was released in 2019 by Spribe and from the get-go, it became an instant hit at all top casinos. Its popularity stems from various factors which include:

  • Simple and easy-to-understand gameplay instructions
  • Multiplayer functionality
  • In-game tournaments
  • High RTP pegged at 97%
  • Dual betting feature
  • Presence of interactive features including live chats
  • Wide accessibility at both crypto and fiat casinos

Thanks to the game’s uniqueness as demonstrated by some of the factors above as well as its use of the curve crash mechanic, the Aviator casino game has gained a good reputation for being the best alternative to traditional games like slots, blackjack, roulette, baccarat and poker.

Quick Rundown of Aviator Casino Game’s Key Stats

Game RTP (Theoretical return to player percentage)97%
Game VolatilityLow to Medium
Supported Bet Options$0.1 to $100
Highest Possible Plane Multiplier10,000x

Understanding Aviator Casino Game’s Objective

Aviator is a unique albeit very simple game. The objective when playing the game is to cash out when the plane reaches a significant multiplier value. To understand this objective better, here is an overview of how the Aviator casino game plays out.

Toy aeroplane

Upon placing the bet, a new round will commence where the plane takes off into the sky. When it’s on the ground, the plane will have a 1x multiplier value. The moment it starts ascending into the sky, its multiplier value will start increasing – gradually at first but exponentially as time passes.

It’s important to note however that it’s not just the plane’s multiplier value which rises as the plane reaches the higher altitudes. Rather, the risk of the plane crashing also increases. Players therefore are tasked with picking the opportune moment to cash out before the plane crashes but when the multiplier value is at a significant level.

Cashing out at the opportune moment means that players get good value for their wagers. The most important attribute required when playing the game therefore is the ability to trust one’s intuition in picking the moment to cash out. Cashing out too early results in winning an insignificant payout while waiting for long increases the risk of the plane crashing hence losing the game.

A Step by Step on How to Play the Aviator Casino Game

Place a Bet

Spending online

The Aviator casino game plays out in real-time 24/7. Essentially, this means whenever you launch the game, you are bound to find a gaming session already in play or the betting window open for the next round. If it’s the latter, then you simply need to place your bet and wait for the next game round to initiate. If a gaming session is in play, simply wait for it to end and then place your bet.

Watch as the Plane Takes Off and Prepare to Cash out

After placing a bet, just wait for the betting window to close and thereafter, a new game round starts. When it starts, all you need to do is to watch as the plane ascends into the sky. As it does, trust your intuition to pick the perfect moment to cash out.

Cash-out Before the Plane Crashes

After keenly observing the plane’s ascent into the sky, and having decided on the perfect moment to cash out, proceed to click the ‘Cash Out’ button and you will win a handsome payout. Just bear in mind that taking too long to cash out increases the risk of the plane to ‘Fly Away’ hence losing your wager.

How Payouts Are Calculated When Playing the Aviator Casino Game

Winning game

The payout calculation formula for the Aviator casino game is pretty straightforward. If you successfully cash out before the plane crashes, the multiplier value at the present moment when you cashed out is multiplied by your current bet to determine the payout to be churned out. This therefore means the higher the wager, the higher the payout. In the same vein, the higher the multiplier value at the point of cashing out, the higher the payout.

Special Features Incorporated in the Aviator Casino Game

  • Dual Betting: For each round, players have the option of placing more than one wager. This therefore means multiple shots at winning from just one round. It’s recommended however for players to go for this feature once they have grasped the general details of the game.
  • Auto Cash Out Functionality: Those who are afraid that they may wait too long and risk losing out if they have to pick the moment to cash out manually once the game is in play can make use of the auto cash out feature. This feature allows players to set up the multiplier value that should be cashed out automatically once reached. If the plane fails to reach the specified multiplier value, players lose. If it’s reached, players win.
  • Live Chat: During the game, players may interact with fellow gamers. This is quite an important feature as it enhances the excitement levels of the game. Moreover, through the live chat functionality, players can gift each other with wagering credits.
  • Live Bets and Stats from Previous Rounds: Spribe in designing the Aviator casino game incorporated the live bets and stats board. This board gives players the chance to see the trends from previous rounds and hence formulate probable winning bets for the following rounds.
  • Aviarace Tournaments: The Aviator casino game does run some Aviarace tournaments. These are tournaments in which players compete and accumulate points with those that rank high on the leaderboard scooping some handsome cash prizes.

Where to Access the Aviator Casino Game

The popularity of the Aviator casino game has driven loads upon loads of top online casinos to offer the game as part of their gambling services portfolio. Well-renowned, reputable and trustworthy online casinos like Mega Cricket World offer this game on both desktop and mobile platforms.

Round Up

The Aviator casino game is a game of chance. This therefore means the probability of winning is highly dependent on lady luck. Players therefore when playing the game have to rely upon and trust their intuition as that is the only thing which will bring about the desired positive results.

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