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What is the BPL & How To Bet In Cricket

BPL & how to bet cricket

BPL or Bangladesh Premier League is the top-level Twenty20 cricket tournament held every year in Bangladesh. Although it’s a newer league when you compare it with older ones from other countries, it has become one of the largest local cricket occasions and consistently draws numerous spectators from across the nation.

The BPL follows a franchise system like the leading T20 leagues globally, where teams stand for main cities and regions in Bangladesh to play against each other in a compact and exciting contest.

Here are some important details regarding the Bangladesh Premier League (BPL) in cricket:

FormatThe BPL uses the Twenty20 style, which is a shorter and more enjoyable form of cricket.
TeamsDifferent cities or regions in Bangladesh have teams, and these are owned by various franchises that play in the league.
PlayersThe league brings in cricket players from inside the country and from other countries too. Many famous cricketers who have played a lot, along with new ones starting to play in the BPL.
SeasonsThe BPL usually happens once a year, and every season the teams play against each other to win the championship.

Some of the top players in BPL are:

Player NameTeamRuns (2023)
Najmul Hossain ShantoSylhet Strickers516
Rony TalukdarRangpur Riders425
Towhid HridroySylhet Strikers403
Litton DasComilla Victorians379
Shakib Al HasanFortune Barishal375
Nasir HossainDhaka Dominators366

Types of Cricket Bets

Cricket betting provides many options for placing bets, letting fans bet on various parts of the match. Some usual kinds of cricket bets include:

Match Betting/Win Market:

Place your bet on the team you predict to win the match.

Player Performance:

Place a bet on the overall of an individual player in terms of runs scored and wickets taken.

Man of the Match:

Closely predict the player that will be given the title of the ‘Man of The Match’.

Series Winner:

Forecast the team that will be crowned a series champion, which often comprises multiple matches.

Top Batsman/Top Run Scorer:

Bets are during the player as a top scorer in a given match or series.

Top Bowler/Top Wicket-Taker:

Bet on the most likely Bowler to secure the most wickets in a game or series.

Total Runs/Score Over-Under:

To bet on the match runs a score prediction rate if it will be Less than or more than a specified target.

Total Fours/Sixes:

Bet on the total number of fours or sixes hit in a match.

1st Over Total Runs:

Forecast the number of total runs that will be scored during the first over of the match.

Mode of Dismissal:

Guess of the dismissal how a certain batsman would be felled (by a bowler catching, bowled, or lbw).

Highest Opening Partnership:

Bet on which team will start with the best opening partnership in a match.

Method of the First Dismissal:

Make the prediction on how the first wicket will fall, i.e., caught, bowled, or run out.

Player Specials:

Specialized bets when the performance of an individual player is in question, for example, a particular player to score 100 runs or more.

Team Specials:

Specialized wagers connected to team performances, including a team scoring above a specified total.

Powerplay Betting:

Betting specifically focused on the Powerplay overs (the first 6 overs in a limited-overs match).

Toss Winner:

Place a wager on which team will take the toss before the start of the game.

Team to Score Most Sixes/Fours:

Bet on the team that is most likely to make more sixes or fours in a match.

Live Betting/In-Play Betting:

Go on betting as the match is being played, by putting stakes based on how events are progressing.

Betting Rules You Should Know

If some unexpected events which can not be controlled occur and influence your bets like injured players or interrupted games, there are some rules applied to ensure that you do not lose the entire amount invested.

Match Abandonment and Postponement:

When a cricket game is not played or delayed, different betting companies can have their ways of deciding how to handle the bets. Some might cancel the bets altogether, but others could decide on an outcome using the information they have.

Rain-Affected Matches:

In short-form cricket, when rain comes it can change the result. People who take bets might use special rules like the Duckworth-Lewis-Stern method for new targets when games stop for rain. Ensure you understand how your bookmaker handles rain-affected matches.

Player Withdrawals:

If a player is taken out of the game before it begins or while playing, betting companies might follow varied rules to decide what happens with bets that were made. Certain wagers may be canceled and others may still count, based on the situation.

Injury Timeouts:

When a player gets hurt in the game and can’t keep playing, the people who take bets have their ways of deciding what happens to wagers connected to that player. They might cancel some bets or let others go ahead based on what’s happening.

Dead Heat Rules:

When more than one competitor ends a contest with identical outcomes, we call it a dead heat. Betting agencies might hold special regulations for settling wagers when this happens.

Choosing A Platform 

Do take note and read up on each cricket betting platform’s rules before placing any bets. For a safe and trusted source for cricket betting, you can start with Mega Cricket World, do read up on our history on our About Us page, or get started by signing up with this link

Funding & Depositing Your Betting Wallet 

One of the easiest ways for Bangladeshis to get started and fund the bets is to use bKash. Do check out the video below for our guide on how to deposit your cricket betting wallet with bKash:

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