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Monopoly Live Casino Game

Online casino games have been around for quite some time now. The advent of the internet made it possible for gaming operators to shift their operations to the virtual world and in so doing, brought about great convenience for all players as they could now enjoy their favourite pastime in the comfort of their own homes.

Online casino games have greatly evolved since their inception at the turn of the new millennium. Casino games of nowadays can be enjoyed in highly immersive and realistic online casinos which offer more of the same atmosphere as that associated with brick and mortar casinos. Such games are dubbed as live casino games or live dealer games as they are played in real-time. One such game is the Monopoly live casino game.

An Overview of the Monopoly Live Casino Game

Monopoly Live casino game is a casino game inspired by MONOPOLY, one of the most popular board games. Anyone who has played the Monopoly board game before will find the Monopoly Live casino game a bit familiar. This is necessitated by the fact that some of the features of the board game are also incorporated into the live casino game.


The Monopoly Live casino game was developed by Evolution Gaming in partnership with Hasbro. These two game developers have amassed a great deal of experience designing live casino games hence it’s no surprise that as soon as they released Monopoly Live casino game, it quickly became a fan favourite.

Several factors have helped propel the Monopoly Live casino game to the dizzy heights of popularity it enjoys today. Chief among these is its straightforward rules and engaging gameplay. To learn more about this, you simply need to continue reading this comprehensive Monopoly Live casino game guide.

Monopoly Live Casino Game Gameplay Instructions

While in general Monopoly Live falls in the live casino games category, it can further be classified as a live game show. Essentially, what this means is that this game is hosted by a live dealer who determines how the action unfolds. Players are active participants in the game however as they can place bets on any outcome they desire. In the same vein, they stay glued to their screens as they watch the Monopoly wheel spin to determine the game outcome.

Monopoly car

There are two separate levels when it comes to the Monopoly Live casino game. By default, players start at the first level that is, the Money Wheel Game (main game). Once players have placed their bets and the game launches, the host starts by spinning the Money Wheel. Once the wheel comes to a halt, the highlighted segment on the wheel determines if players are to proceed to the second level, the 3D Monopoly World (bonus game).

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Play the Monopoly Live Casino Game

  1. The first step is to find the best online casino to play the game at
  2. Search for the game and click the ‘Play’ button to launch the game
  3. Place your bet. The Monopoly Wheel has 54 segments and players can bet on either numerical values (1, 2, 5, or 10) or the bonus rounds (chance, 2 rolls or 4 rolls)
  4. The host will take over at this juncture and spin the money wheel
  5. After the wheel comes to a halt, one of the 54 segments is highlighted. If the highlighted segment corresponds to the bet the player placed, then it means the spin was successful and the player will receive his/her payout. 

Monopoly Live Casino Game Odds & Payouts 

The different bet options that players may pick when playing the game comes with different odds. Numerical bets have a higher chance of being successful but they come with low odds hence relatively lower payouts. Inversely, bonus rounds bets have a lower chance of being successful but they come with high odds and hence offer relatively bigger payouts.

In picking the bet options to play, players thus need to be cognizant of the above. While this is the case, players ought to note that overall, the Monopoly Live casino game is a high RTP game (96.23% with the house edge pegged at 3.77%) hence it’s lucrative regardless of the bets one opts for.

Monopoly Live Casino Game Bonus Rounds

Monopoly Live casino game comes with three bonus rounds. Triggering any one of the three bonus rounds is dependent upon the bet the player places and in turn, the luck of the wheel spin. The three bonus rounds that players may trigger are as follows:

Monopoly Game
  • Chance: There isn’t any option to place a chance bet when playing this game. However, if players place a bet on any numerical value and the chance segment is highlighted after the wheel spin, a chance card is pulled out and it reveals a random multiplier value. The revealed multiplier value is then applied to all numerical values on the wheel. The wheel is then respun and if the initial bet (numerical value) the player placed is successful, the player wins a bigger prize than the initial payout s/he would have won.
  • 2 Rolls: Players can bet for the 2 Rolls bonus round and if they are successful, the feature triggers and they are taken to the 3D bonus game. Over here, the roll of the dice determines the number of steps to be taken on the Monopoly boardgame. Note that this bonus round mimics the Monopoly boardgame in all aspects hence players will encounter Mr Monopoly and all of the famous Monopoly fields that is, Jail, Taxes, Railways, Free Parking, Utilities, Properties, Chance/Community Chest and GO.
  • 4 Rolls: This feature activates when players bet for the 4 Rolls bonus round during the Money Wheel main game and the bet turns out successful. This feature plays out in just the same way as the 2 Rolls bonus round. The only difference is that the roll of 4 dice determines the number of steps to be taken on the Monopoly board game unlike the roll of 2 dice for the 2 Rolls bonus round.

Round Up

Monopoly Live casino game is a highly exciting game to play. On one hand, it immerses players in the world of Monopoly while on the other hand, it allows players to experience a roulette-like gaming session when they opt for numerical bets during the main game. As a chance-based game, Monopoly Live casino game can be enjoyed by all players including the newbies who don’t have any previous casino games experience.

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