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The Pros and Cons of Online Gambling in India

At one point when online gambling first gained traction in India, the media described it as an online gambling frenzy. It was taken as just a period that would soon pass. With time, however, it became apparent that the love for online gambling was not just a frenzy. Rather, Indians demonstrated genuine love and desire to continue engaging in the activity. Today, Indian gamblers are spoiled for choice when it comes to the online gambling platforms they can settle at. Further demonstrating the love for online gambling that Indian folks have is the continual mushrooming of online casinos and sportsbooks.


Like most things in life, engaging in online gambling in India does come with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. It’s recommended that players be cognisant of this before they start placing their bets. This comprehensive guide methodically explores all the pros and cons associated with online gambling in India.

Online Gambling In India Pros


Perhaps the most important attribute of online gambling is its convenience. With online gambling, players need not expend much resources be it travelling expenses to access gambling institutions. Rather, by just clicking a few buttons on one’s desktop or mobile device, players can access a gambling platform of preference. More impressive is the fact that folks don’t even need to wear special attire (as some land-based casinos require players to wear specific clothes as a sign of etiquette). Even when clad in pyjamas, one can access their favourite gambling platform and start placing bets.

Wide Variety of Gambling Services Packed Under One Roof

Online betting sites in India especially those that are emerging nowadays tend to offer a plethora of different gambling services under one roof. From sports betting to playing casino games, players can enjoy it all on the same betting site. There isn’t any need therefore to waste much time moving from one betting hall to the other when in search of a different gambling service.

Earn Some Freebies Via Bonuses and Promotions

When playing at some brick-and-mortar casinos/sportsbooks, players can receive some free cocktails on the house. Unfortunately, this isn’t possible when playing online. What’s possible when playing online is to get some freebies in the form of wagering credits or cash! Between cocktails and cold hard cash, most will opt for the latter hence the reason online gambling sites are highly popular.

Take Advantage of Innovative Betting Features

Online betting sites are forever implementing new mechanisms to make the gambling sessions of players smoother, more flexible and more convenient. Among these measures are innovative betting features talk of live betting, early cash outs and live stats/streaming. Players therefore in the comfort of their own homes can place bets even when an event has already commenced, cash out when their prediction turns out successful even before the end of the event’s regulation time as well as follow the proceedings of a match in real time. 

Enhanced Online Safety and Security


Once players settle at genuine and trustworthy online casinos, they won’t have to fear anything. This is necessitated by the fact that everything they do online will only be between them and the casino/sportsbook. No other third party can access one’s data. Well, even if a player wins a massive jackpot prize, they need not worry that some unscrupulous individuals may become privy to the big amount they win. They can withdraw the big amounts and proceed to use them in any way they deem necessary without anyone suspecting anything. 

Online Gambling in India Cons

Absence of Specific Gambling Laws

Perhaps the biggest challenge and inadvertent disadvantage of online gambling in India is the lack of explicit online gambling laws. The federal laws which talk about gambling, in general, are dated and make no mention of online gambling. State laws guiding online gambling activities differ and some of them are vague. This therefore means players who engage in online betting in some states do so not knowing if the activity they engage in is legally permitted or not.

Limited Support for Local Payment Providers

A high number of online betting sites that operate in India are offshore casinos and sportsbooks. Owing to this, such casinos when it comes to integrations tend to integrate more global than local services. This is particularly prevalent on the payment providers front where the majority of supported methods are international card payments as well as e-wallets.

Absence of a Real-Life Gambling Atmosphere

Online Gambling

One of the best things about brick-and-mortar casinos isn’t just the games that they offer. Rather, it’s that gambling atmosphere which sees players interact with fellow gamers, hear the sound of clicking slot machines as well as forward and reclaim casino chips during games. Online betting sites unfortunately don’t offer such an experience even in events where a live dealer lobby is available.

Susceptibility to Falling into a Gambling Addiction

In as much as online gambling makes betting convenient and highly accessible, it also poses a huge danger. As players can easily engage in gambling, there is a high potential of developing a gambling addiction. Setting personal limits and practicing responsible gambling therefore becomes a critical factor.

Susceptibility to Online Scams and Frauds

The online gambling industry is one of the fastest-rising industries globally. A lot of money is involved in the industry and this money is constantly changing hands – from the player to the casino and back to the player again via deposits and withdrawals. Owing to this, scammers and fraudsters see it as a ripe ‘business’ opportunity where they can gain a quick buck with much ease. Players therefore when settling at betting sites need to take due diligence and ensure that they only play at safe, secure and trustworthy gambling platforms.

Round Up

Engaging in online gambling is no doubt a great thing. Online gambling offers many benefits to players. Of course, there are those related to betting sites per se such as the availability of bonuses and promotions. Besides these, however, the overall satisfaction that comes with placing a successful bet is just incredible almost indescribable. Caution however is also needed as the ease of gambling necessitated by online gambling can lead some to develop a gambling addiction or even fall prey to online scammers and fraudsters. 

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