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Cricket Betting Tips 101: A Winning Strategy for Every Match

Almost every single day 365 days a year, there will be one cricket match or more lined up. For cricket punters, this means daily, they can engage in their favourite pastime and place cricket bets. Some matches may be for top tournaments like the World Cup, local league matches or just ‘friendly’ test or ODI matches. Regardless of the type of match, the objective for all punters is to win.

Cricket match

To make correct predictions and hence win when placing cricket bets, punters must adhere strictly to the cricket betting tips. Cricket betting tips guide punters on how to place probable winning bets. Essentially, this means the chances of winning after following cricket betting tips are heightened.

Eager to know what these cricket betting tips are? If so, then you have come to the right place. Without wasting much of your time, let’s delve into the finer details.

Top Cricket Betting Tips

Always Start with the Straightforward Betting Markets

Before starting, make sure to choose to choose one of the top cricket betting apps in Bangladesh. The template for all beginner punters in cricket betting is to start with the straightforward betting markets. For those who might be in the dark, cricket betting does come with dozens of betting markets. Amongst these, there are some which are easy to grasp and hence fall in the straightforward bracket. Others are a little bit complex to grasp. When starting out, it’s recommended to start with match outcome bets which are essentially, the easiest to grasp. These bets simply entail predicting the team to win at the end of the match.  Only after grasping these can punters proceed to place more complex albeit lucrative bets such as handicaps, team/prop bets and futures.

Always Go for Live Bets

Most top online betting sites nowadays do offer both pre-match and live betting. Pre-match bets entail placing bets before a match commences. Live betting entails placing bets once an event has commenced. Between these two, it is recommended to go for live betting. The beauty of live betting is that it allows punters to place bets from a more informed position. They will know how the turf is where the two teams are playing, how both sets of players are in terms of fitness, morale and desire to win as well as how the action is panning out on the field of play. Armed with all this, it becomes easier to predict which of the two teams will win hence the recommendation to favour live betting over pre-match bets.

Always Shop for Value Odds

There are two things that most punters want when they engage in cricket betting. First is the thrill that comes with placing bets. Second is the prospect of scooping some handsome wins once the bets turn out successful. When it comes to the latter, the best way to ensure some handsome wins come your way after placing bets is to place the bets at an online casino that guarantees top and valuable odds on all cricket events. Owing to this, the recommendation is to shop for odds. What this entails is visiting as many betting sites as possible and checking the odds they are offering for an event. Once done, pick the site offering the most valuable odds.

Always Do Proper Research

When it comes to cricket betting, research is just like a house foundation. Punters who want to stay in cricket betting for the long haul and also enjoy a rewarding gambling adventure need to lay a strong foundation that is, conduct proper and thorough research. Research should be done for every match that the punter wants to bet on. Cricket research should be all-encompassing. This means all aspects of a match should be considered and analysed.

Cricket player

This ranges from the turf on which the match is going to be played, where the match is going to be played (which team has the home advantage), the weather patterns for the day, and team news including any injuries, absentees or recent departures, team morale (consider if the team is on a winning/losing streak and the potential effect this has), and individual player fitness (if key players are returning from injury hence their performances may be below par). When all of these are considered, the likelihood of placing probable winning bets is highly enhanced.

Always Consider the Expert Opinions of Tipsters

Some of the top cricket betting tips for every match hide in plain sight. The internet is awash with tipster sites as well as cricket betting sites whose blogs are frequently updated by cricket betting experts. Most of these experts are adept at researching hence their opinions are good to follow. More impressive is that many of them have also been in the business for quite a long time hence it’s not just their research that counts, it’s also the experience. There are many reputable tipster sites to settle at and these include ESPNCricinfo, CricketWorld and TheTopBookies.   

Always Keep Going

When punters engage in cricket betting, two things will happen. Either, the punter will win or lose. Sometimes, the winning may occur more frequently hence guaranteeing winning streaks. Likewise, the same can be said for losing. However, regardless of how things are going, punters should always keep going. While following all the cricket betting tips highlighted above, punters would also strive to accumulate as much experience in cricket betting as possible. At times, the accumulated experience will count more in helping players win big.

Round Up

It’s no secret that when engaging in cricket betting, punters will be driven by a few factors and one of these is the need to win. To enhance one’s chances of winning big in any match, punters should always stick to the most trusted cricket betting tips. This comprehensive guide explores all of these tips hence equipping punters as they engage in their favourite pastime.

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