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Laws & Regulations For Cricket Betting in Bangladesh

laws and regulations for cricket betting bangladesh

Cricket betting laws in Bangladesh might be different soon, so it’s important to look for the latest information from trusted sources. At the same time, Bangladesh had laws that were very strict on gambling even when it involved betting in sports.

Nevertheless, laws and rules might change; governments can also alter their position on gambling activities. To understand if betting on cricket is legal in Bangladesh now, you should look at the most recent updates from government websites or talk to lawyers who know about the country’s law as it stands today.

You should remember that rules for gambling might be complicated and they can change depending on the place inside a country. Always make sure to know the local laws and follow them in order not to have legal problems.

The relevant laws include:

Gambling-Related Laws in BangladeshDescription
Public Gaming Act, 1867This is a traditional regulation that makes specific forms of gambling unlawful. It prohibits managing or being found in a place used for gaming activities.
The Bangladesh Penal CodeThe Penal Code holds rules concerning gambling offenses. The 294A section of the Penal Code gives punishment for the act of engaging in gambling at a public spot.
Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Act, 2006The ICT Act deals with activities on the internet, and while its main target is cybercrimes, it might also be used to regulate online gambling.

Why Are Sports Betting Laws So Strict In Bangladesh

Unlike the regulations in India, the banning of gambling in Bangladesh mainly comes from cultural, religious, and social beliefs. Most people in Bangladesh follow Islam and the Islamic law (Sharia) doesn’t allow activities seen as games of chance or gambling. Islamic teachings emphasize the avoidance of activities that involve uncertainty, risk, and exploitation.

In Bangladesh, the law system shows cultural and religious beliefs. They have laws like the Public Gaming Act from 1867, along with parts of the Bangladesh Penal Code that make different types of gambling illegal. Also, they can use the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Act from 2006 to deal with online gambling activities.

The position of the government on betting is frequently tied to wider worries about societal matters, possibilities for criminal actions, and safeguarding citizens from monetary damages connected with gambling. The purpose of this ban is to keep public peace, avoid social issues, and stick to the ethical and religious norms common in that nation.

It is crucial to understand that the laws and perceptions about gambling may change over time. The details I am giving now are according to my latest update in January 2022. People need to check the most recent legal situation from official resources, also they must know about the cultural and law-related context of gambling in Bangladesh.

Growth In Online Betting & Technological Advancement Behind It

Mobile Internet User in Bangladesh Year of 2013 to 2021

Mobile internet user growth in Bangladesh. Chart from: 

Even though there are tough rules, Bangladesh has seen considerable improvement in internet usage. This is due to the availability of mobile devices and cheap data packages. There has been an increase in people using the internet in this country, which might affect many online activities such as virtual betting.

Also, mobile internet has become less expensive. Based on the information from Business Inspection BD, every ISP’s broadband Internet cost is determined by the government. Consequently, mobile services are reducing their data pack costs even more to keep up with the competition from ISPs or broadband internet.

It is significant to mention that although internet reach is growing, online betting continues to be mostly forbidden in Bangladesh. The law structure, as stated before, has tough rules against many types of gambling and this involves online gaming activities.

The Act of Information and Communication Technology (ICT), 2006, deals with cybercrimes. It might be applied for controlling or limiting activities on the internet like online gambling.

In Closing

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