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Casino Pride Review

Goa is a region of pristine beauty. From the terrestrial lands beautified by stunning mountainous ranges to the placid blue waters of the Arabian Sea which provide an everlasting sight of pure beauty, Goa truly is one of the world’s most beautiful destinations. Eager to appreciate the beauty of Goa’s Arabian Sea blue waters and inland attractions up close? There is one way you can do so. This entails boarding the floating Casino Pride.


Casino Pride is a floating casino (located on a cruise ship) located on the Mandovi River. The Casino is open 24/7 365 days a year meaning at any time of the day or night, you may have a blast as you enjoy your favourite casino games. There is just so much to love about Casino Pride as will be revealed in this comprehensive review. However, before getting into the finer details, here is a little motivation to keep you glued to this page as we give a rundown of Casino Pride’s top pros.

Quick Rundown of Casino Pride’s Top Pros

  • Comes with a great reputation as it is one of India’s oldest and most popular floating casinos
  • The casino is officially licensed and hence offers above-board gambling services
  • The casino floats along the Mandovi River hence offering breathtaking and mesmerising views of the surrounding Arabian Sea and mountainous ranges inland
  • Complimentary meals, cocktails and entertainment are guaranteed onboard
  • Promotional perks such as cashbacks offered to players

How Players Can Access Casino Pride’s Gambling Services

Casino Pride is a unique gambling establishment more so when we juxtaposition it with inland brick-and-mortar casinos or online casinos. Its uniqueness stems from the fact that to access its gambling services, players need to purchase a package first. Various packages are offered and players simply need to pick the one that they desire the most. Below is a rundown of the entry packages.

  • Regular: This package goes for 1000 INR and gives purchasers access to unlimited snacks and beverages as well as live entertainment
  • Premium: This package goes for 1500 INR and it is the first package that opens the world of gambling to players. In addition to the gambling services, players also enjoy unlimited food and drink as well as live entertainment
  • Luxury: This package goes for 2500 INR and offers all of the Premium services as well as a dinner buffet, IMFL brand liquor and live performances
  • VIP: This package goes for 4000 INR and all Luxury services are guaranteed. In addition, players have VIP Floor Access
  • OTP Premium: This package goes for 1500 INR per head and opens the world of gambling for players. As players gamble, they can access the VIP Floor, and enjoy live performances while having to choose from 12 drinks of house brand liquor
  • OTP Luxury: This package goes for 3000 INR per head and allows players unlimited appetisers, meals and beverages as they enjoy their gambling sessions
  • OTP VIP: This package goes for 5000 INR and comes with all services of OTP Luxury as well as unlimited access to premium brand alcohol.

*Note that the above fees are for weekdays. Package prices for weekends starting Friday to Sunday come with a little extra fee on top.

Gambling Services Players Can Enjoy

Casino Pride is a haven for all things gambling as it offers a wide variety of gambling services. These gambling services can be classified into two that is, Indian Games and International Games. Essentially this means players can opt for an all-local adventure onboard the Casino Pride. Play Indian-originating games in India while indulging in Indian cuisine and watching live performances from top Indian stars!

Roulette wheel

When it comes to Indian games, some of the games that players can enjoy include Rummy (Paplu), Mang Patta, Andar Bahar and Flush (Teen Patti). On the international games front, players can enjoy Casino War, Baccarat, Blackjack, 5 Card Poker, Texas Hold ‘em, 3 Card Poker and Roulette.

Promotional Perks for Casino Players

Casino Pride doesn’t offer much in terms of standard casino bonuses and promotions as is the case with online casinos. The only standard perk that players can benefit from is cashback. Cashbacks are awarded on select gambling services when players meet specified requirements.

Another popular promotional perk albeit not a standard casino bonus pertains to discounts. Casino Pride often offers discounts on entry packages for players who purchase the packages a month or more before they board Casino Pride.

Payment Methods to Use at Casino Pride

Cash money

To accommodate everyone regardless of the banking method they prefer to use, Casino Pride accepts numerous payment methods. These include credit and debit cards for both local and international banks. It’s recommended however to also come with cash just in case there are problems with terminals onboard.

Other Amenities Available Onboard Casino Pride

  • Childcare Services: Casino Pride is a family-friendly casino. Players can take with them their children as they enjoy their gambling sessions. Their children will have a good time playing with others or undertaking various child-friendly activities
  • In-House DJ: Players can listen to some soothing and at times belting sounds courtesy of the in-house DJ
  • Speedboat Cruising: When players reach the coast side, they are taken to the cruise ship by a speedboat
  • Gym, Pool and Spa: Players can relax and re-energise when they head over to the gym, spa and pool for some quality time
  • Overnight Accommodation: Players can spend quality time onboard the Casino Pride when they book overnight accommodation for themselves. Family-friendly rooms are available for those who like to wine and dine with their family in privacy.

Key Things to Note Before Heading to Casino Pride

  • Indian nationals need to present their IDs to enter
  • Foreign nationals will need to present their passports
  • No Luggage or large bags allowed
  • Pets are not allowed
  • The dress code is strictly formal or smart casual

Round Up

Casino Pride is without doubt the pride of India when it comes to top gambling establishments. On board the Casino Pride, players can enjoy a wide variety of gambling services as well as many other activities.

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